Errors, Omissions & Scares-PLI! Professional Liability Insurance Unmasked

Happy 2014! As a legal administrator, you can count on a few things that are always going to happen in January. One, your plate will be full of projects that need to be implemented “in the new year.” Two, a few more new projects will be sprung on you from January reflections. And three, your malpractice insurance will have some brand new unanticipated wrinkle this year.

Partners demand that malpractice insurance be purchased from the best company. It must also be the least expensive with the best thought-out structure, and this must all be researched and accomplished in a timely fashion. The problem is that despite your best intentions and planning, things are moving and changing in such a rapid fashion in the market that obstacles never cease to stand in your way. The firm changes, the insurance broker changes and the insurance company changes. Last year’s great deal might be withdrawn due to an insurance company pulling out of your regional market, or your practice mix of a law firm is no longer desired by the new regional underwriter.

So what can you do? In Uri Gutfreund’s educational session at the 2014 Annual Conference, you will be prepared for it all (related to malpractice).


• Learn how to evaluate insurance brokers and insurance companies to find the right fit for your firm.
• Evaluate your firm’s current policies to ensure they meet your (and your clients’) needs.
• Develop best practices for client intake, risk identification and avoidance and response to complaints and claims.
• Learn to manage the application process, including the appropriate level of disclosure and the time commitment – this is not a 1-2 day process.
• Define reporting requirements for complaints, potential claims, claims and policy term responsibilities to avoid coverage disputes in your time of need.

Don’t be caught behind in this process for 2014. Join this session where Gutfreund will discuss best practices so that this year’s renewal process is smooth, makes your partners happy and keeps you sane.

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Uri Gutfreund is a Law Firm Insurance Guru at Singer Nelson Charlmers He helps law firms navigate through the complexities of liability and health insurance policies. As a Registered Professional Liability Underwriter, he is a frequent speaker and writer on insurance and risk management issues for law firms. He is the creator of The Total Protection Program™ for law firms and co-creator of The HealthPlan Optimizer™, the firm’s proprietary technology that combines powerful technology and breakthrough data interpretation that empowers clients with intelligent decision-making information.

Gutfreund will present an educational session at the 2014 ALA Annual Conference and Exposition:  Errors, Omissions & Scares-PLI!  Professional Liability Insurance Unmasked.